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Reapers Re-Enter the USA, Rebranded as the Omaha Mammoths

Omaha, NE, Dec 22nd, 2004. Leaving a trail of maple syrup in their wake, the Reapers have packed their bags and moved south of the border back into the USA, and will play as the Omaha Mammoths. After three rather unsuccessful seasons in Regina, the team no longer felt welcomed in the small Canadian city, and called up Omaha, who has been clamoring for a team in the UBA since inception. Team Captains Ivan Rodriguez, Roy Oswalt and Vlad Guerrero held a team meeting earlier this week, and reports are that the team feels better being back in the States. “Something always felt a little off – a little different – in Regina,” Oswalt, a Mississippi native, shared.

Here are your Mammoths:

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