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2005 Hall Of Fame Results

January 20, 2006. Cooperstown, NY. Although some came close, no player will be enshrined in baseball’s Hall of Fame this year. Notable snubs include Robin Yount carrying 3,142 hits on his resume (71.4%), Jack Morris who compiled 254 wins in his career (57.1%), Iron Man Cal Ripken Jr. (61.9%), and legendary outfielder Kirby Puckett (61.9%). All will have to wait one more year to see how the field assesses their worthiness.

Beginning with next year’s voting process, eligibility rules will be modified slightly. Should a player receive 0 votes, he will be immediately removed from the ballot for the following year. Previously, if a player received 0 votes, he would need 2 votes the next year to remain eligible (2 votes over 2 years as the minimum threshold). Additionally, players can only remain on the ballot for a total of TEN years, not fifteen. Anyone who has been eligible for nine or more years on the current ballot will be grandfathered in and can remain on the ballot until they reach fifteen years.

Here is the full tally of results:

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