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Expansion Teams Finalized

Office of the Commissioner, Exton, PA, May 8th, 2006.¬†After a lengthy bidding process, the two expansion teams have been finalized. Funds have been secured from both private and public investors, and crews have already begun the construction process for each team’s new stadium.

The first expansion team will be the Atlanta Bandits. Atlanta’s management will be run by Jason Gudim, currently of the Dallas Daredevils. The Bandits will be aligned in the Ruth Conference’s East Division alongside New York, Coney Island, Old Bridge, and Charleston. Gudim was finally able to give Dallas fans their first playoff birth in the UBA’s 10th season in 2004, and has made enough moves to put the Daredevils on top early in a very tough RC Central Division. The team will play at AFLAC Ballpark, and will be recognized with the following logo:

Their uniforms were debuted in a local Atlanta presser:

The second team to join the UBA in the offseason will be the San Francisco Spartans. The Spartans will be run by Geoff Matt, currently of the New Orleans Voodoo. San Francisco will join the West Division of the Aaron Conference matching up against Cardiff Bay, Palo Alto, Portland and Yellowknife. The Spartans will play at Salesforce Field, and have offered the following logo for public consumption:

They will don the following unforms:

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