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Old Bridge Demolition is Completed, Baseball is Alive Once Again in the Nation’s Capital

11/5/2009 – Washington D.C.
In a surprising twist to the not-yet offseason, Old Bridge GM Bill Cheese made a startling announcement from the steps of Capitol Hill standing next to team owner Barry Mossop. “When Mr. Mossop brought me in, he told me he had big plans for the team over the next few years and I was on board. He told me that his daddy always said ‘If it ain’t breathing, it’s time to move on.’ and unfortunately Old Bridge baseball has been on life support since just about the turn of the century. He’s pulled the plug and the Field of the Titans has already been leveled back in New Jersey to make room for a new high-rise condo complex. We thank the people of New Jersey for their hospitality and support over the past 15 years and hope they will continue to support our franchise throughout the transition and beyond.”

At this point a large curtain behind Cheese and Mossop dropped revealing the team’s new logo and Mossop stepped up to the microphone.

“Welcome to the future!” exclaimed Mossop. “We are excited to be here in the nation’s capital as the Washington Generals! Special thanks go to congress and the mayor for providing us a new field. We look forward to christening George Washington Park with a win in April!”

With that a model sporting the new caps and uniforms walked out to display the team’s new branding.

Bill Cheese stepped back up to the microphone now wearing his Generals hat. “2010 is going to be a very special year and we look forward to bringing this franchise to playoff glory! It’s a great day to be a General!”

The Old Bridge Titans end their 15 year tour with 1 playoff appearance in the inaugural season of 1995 and 1084-1346 record. The franchise has no Hall of Fame inductees or retired numbers.

The team posed for a picture in the galleys of their new stadium:

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