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Monarchs Pack their Bags, Head North to Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia. Oct 26, 1996 – Experts said it was only a matter of time when Shane Sturtz became the General Manager of the Monarchs that the team’s days in Kansas City were numbered. No one could have predicted the move would happen so quickly, however. An announcement came earlier today that the Monarchs will be heading north of the border to Vancouver and will be rebranded as the Porcupines. Those close to the situation reported that bids were placed by St. Louis and Toronto, but Vancouver ended up winning out. Owners will discuss at the winter meetings this December whether realignment is necessary, or if the other RC Central squads won’t mind the trip out west to play their divisional foe. Players got together yesterday for a team photo. Star first baseman Jason Giambi was quoted at saying “Canada? I’ve been to Niagara Falls once. I’m just ready to start preparing for next season to defend our division title!” Introducing the Porcupines:

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