Season Analysis

1999 Season Complete, Pranksters Take 2nd Title

Office of the Commissioner, Exton, PA, November 2nd, 1999. Eden Prairie fans sauntered out of Landsharks Field late Sunday night, disappointed that their season ended without a championship crown. However, the cheers of Palo Alto fans could be heard around the country as they lifted the World Championship Series trophy for the 2nd time in 3 seasons. The Pranksters were able to best 3 formidable squads in the playoffs: shrugging off the Voodoo in 4 games, ousting their division rival Beavers in 6 games, then finishing off the Landsharks in 6 games as well. Analysts are already clamoring about the emergence of a dynasty in Silicon Valley. General Manager Sjon Ashby couldn’t be reached for comment, but Jeff Juden, who won 2 of the 4 WCS games, was quoted as saying “dynasty? Isn’t that what my guys keep getting sick with in the Oregon Trail?” to which team captain Derek Jeter quickly interjected with “what he means to say is, we’re not a one and done team. We’re ecstatic to be on top, but we know our work here isn’t done. We’re looking forward to wearing that target on our backs with pride next season!”

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