How to export a draft list into statslab

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How to export a draft list into statslab

Post by joe_pitt » Thu Nov 05, 2015 6:52 pm

From Bill Benson,

1. Export the draft pool from OOTP to an external browser (e.g., Chrome, Internet Explorer),
2. Copy and paste that info to an Excel spreadsheet.
3. I export the draft pool from StatsLab war room to a CSV file then copy and paste that list to the Excel spreadsheet with the OOTP draft pool.
4. I sort both lists alphabetically so that the OOTP draft list is matched with the StatsLab draft list.
  • a. This is done because the StatsLab list contains the player ID #s, which are needed to import back into StatsLab. You can do whatever analysis you want in Excel but you need to have the player IDs attached to the players.
    b. I keep track of the draft picks in the Excel spreadsheet and ultimately delete them from the list so that the only remaining players are the ones still draftable in StatsLab. That list would be in your draft order based on however you decide to list them.
5. Copy that spreadsheet to a separate CSV file and delete all info except the player’s names and ID #s. These are already in the order I want to draft them.
6. Go into StatsLab war room and import the CSV draft list ("Choose File" button) and upload the file into StatsLab.
  • a. Remember to save or you lose the draft list. And the imported file has to be a CSV file, not an Excel file.

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