2001 Hollywood Stars Block (new GM)

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2001 Hollywood Stars Block (new GM)

Post by kdog36 » Fri Dec 09, 2016 5:43 am

Ryan Rupe ML
http://unitedbaseballassociation.com/ga ... 18504.html
Chris Capuano ML
http://unitedbaseballassociation.com/ga ... 17569.html
Salomon Torres
http://unitedbaseballassociation.com/ga ... 13063.html
Roberto Moya
http://unitedbaseballassociation.com/ga ... 17646.html

Infielders: None at the moment but will listen if you see any that you find interesting

Bernard Gilkey
http://unitedbaseballassociation.com/ga ... _4660.html
Larry Walker
http://unitedbaseballassociation.com/ga ... 13466.html

Will be looking for younger talent that is AAA or ML ready. if minor leaguers are need to make deals I will entertain them as well.

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