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Post by Zach_NY » Fri Jul 31, 2015 2:30 pm


Sosa's out for the year. We already were facing down a tough division and now we lost our star for the year. Welp, now quite a few guys are available. I'm willing to hold on to everybody for a while, but if you make the right offer you can have a big leg up on your divisions playoff race. I'll listen to any offers for players over 26. Here's the highlights:

Readily Available:
SP Dennis Martinez
2B Ryne Sandberg
SP Pat Hentgen
SP Mark Portugal

Can go for the right offer:
SP Tom Glavine
SP Kenny Rogers
2B Mark Lemke
1B Fred McGriff
CF Lenny Dykstra
SS Tony Womack
RF Orlando Merced

Pry them from my cold dead hands:
SS Jose Valentin
RF Jeremy Burnitz
3B Travis Fryman
C Jorge Posada
CF Sammy Sosa
RF Mike Cameron
SP Butch Henry
SP Joey Hamilton

Thats 3 Hall of Famers and 1 Near Hall Of Famer on the block, hit me up folks

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