Hall of Fame

1998 HOF Results

January 4, 1999, Cooperstown, NY. Baseball’s Hall of Fame will welcome one new member into its ranks today, as Dave Winfield has been voted in by the UBA’s general managers in his second year of eligibility. 75% of the vote was needed to enter the hall. Here are Winfield’s highlights: Here is the full voting […]

Season Analysis

1998-1999 Off-Season Recap

Team Key Departures Key Acquisitions Summary Grade Holbrook Hawks SP David Wells, LF Glenallen Hill, LF Al Martin, C Brad Ausmus, RP Greg Gohr LF Jose Canseco, RP Rheal Cormier, RP Mike Myers, RP Toby Borland, SP Pete Harnisch, SP Roger Pavlik, SP Phil Leftwich, SP Chad Ogea This might be the year the rebuild […]