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2009-2010 Off-Season Recap

TeamKey DeparturesKey AdditionsBreakdownGrade
Florida FlamingosRP David Bush, RP Jake Woods, 2B Brian RobertsSP Ryan KetchnerThe Flamingos surprised the UBA by swooping in and locking up one of the game's premier starters in Ketchner, who can fill the oft vacant roll of staff ace in Florida. With a lineup that can pass for above average in the Aaron Conference, the Flamingos might be a dark horse in a winnable division.B+
Holbrook HawksSP Brandon Webb, 3B Eric Chavez, RF Alex Ochoa, SP Felix Cuevas, RP Bud NorrisCF Carlos ValadezHolbrook took home first prize in the UBA free agent pool talent contest - but time will tell if the $425M contract will help bring home championships or cripple the franchise in the future. For 2010, the team is well positioned to repeat as division winners and project to surpass the 87 wins they mustered in 2009.A-
Philadelphia BrotherhoodLF Carl Everett, 2B Luis Garcia, LF Garret Anderson, RP Hideki Okajima, 1B Makoto ShimizuSP Miguel Garcia, 3B Eric Chavez, RF Juan AlonsoThe Brotherhood snagged Cuban sensation Garcia, and added serious upgrades to their offense in Alonso and Chavez. That being said, the offense still grades out as below average, and a good pitching staff will have trouble racking up enough wins to compete into September, and Philly will top out around 82 wins.B+
Pittsburgh ChampionsRF Juan Alonso, CF Willie Harris, RP Scot Shields, RP Joaquin Benoit, 2B Joe Dillon, RP Victor Alvarez, RF Adam Dunn, 2B Placido Polanco, SP Jason Jennings, 1B Miguel CabreraSP Randy Wolf, 2B Juan Uribe, 2B Wil Rhymes, RP Ronald Belisario, RP Luke GregersonThe Wolf and Uribe acquisitions were key to keeping Pittsburgh in the hunt this year, as the window is closing on the aging squad (highest avg. age in the UBA of 29.5). Jones (37) and ARod (34) will look to add to their HOF worthy resumes in 2010, but the jury's out if it is enough to get them back to the playoffs this year.B
Gobbler's Knob TurkeysC Ben Petrick, SS Wes HelmsNoneThe Turkeys will have one of the best young rotations in baseball with Price, Greinke, Lincecum, Kershaw and Wang as a dominating 1 through 5. The offense is average but lacks power, which could change if top prospect Giancarlo Stanton gets the call to the show this season. The Turkeys could see 80+ wins if their rotation stays healthy.C-
New Orleans VoodooRP Adam Horne, SP Jorge Rivera, 2B Juan UribeNoneAfter winning 124 games in 2008 but not winning a ring, the Voodoo set out to right the ship in '09, which they did by bringing home the franchise's 7th championship. The loss of Uribe and Rivera will be replaced internally. The rotation is top heavy with Haren, Halladay and Lopez (as good as it gets), but tails off after that. No one in the AC Central should challenge them this year, but their quest for 8 will be a tall order once they enter October.C
Omaha MammothsLF Vladimir Guerrero, 1B Juan Negrete, 1B Wilson Betemit, C Javier Valentin3B Tony Garcia, C Johnny MonellBasher Garcia seriously upgrades the Mammoths' lineup, and a rotation of Oswalt, Shoemaker and Shields is intimidating, but the team feels like it is one or two pieces short. They could get active at the deadline to help close the gap, but Omaha looks to finish a distant second in the AC Central.B+
San Antonio ArmadillosSS Mike Aviles, C Gerald LairdSP Marco EstradaAcquiring Estrada to sit atop their rotation is a good upgrade while they wait for prospects Sale and Cueto to finish cooking in AAA, but the Armadillos don't project much higher than 70 wins in 2010 with a weak offense and a very shallow bullpen.B-
Cardiff Bay BarrageCF Chone Figgins, SP Tim Hudson, 3B Shea Hillenbrand, C AJ Pierzynski, 3B Scott Rolen, 2B Jose Vidro, LF Cody Ross, RP Randy Flores2B Skip Schumaker, 3B Tommy Watkins, CF Vernon Wells, LF Garret AndersonSuccessful rebuilds require patience and timing. The #1 ranked farm system worked this offseason to add proven top talent in Schumaker and Watkins to help take some of the pressure off the young players coming up. The starting rotation is legitimate from top to bottom, as is much of their lineup. There's no bad team in the AC West, so it's difficult to project too many more wins in 2010 than the 58 they finished with last year, but the tide is shifting in the Bay.A-
Palo Alto PrankstersRP Ronald Belisario, RP Barry Zito, SP Randy Wolf, Mike Gonzalez, RP Billy SadlerRP Zach McClellan, 2B Jose Vidro, LF Cliff FloydDethroned from their long held spot of #1 farm system (down to #2), the Pranksters are instead boasting one of the biggest win differentials in UBA history, going from 69 in 2008 to 95 in 2009. Fyfe, Murphy, Becher and Gonzalez are all superstars, and the rotation is filling out nicely, albeit still young. More to come out of their farm, and more 90 win seasons this year and in the future.C+
Portland Sea Dogs2B Tommy Watkins, 2B Amaury Garcia, 3B Tony Garcia, RP Chuck James3B Antonio Ramos, 2B Amaury Garcia, RP Adam HorneWith the retirement of the Beaver mascot, management looks to turn the page on a franchise that has reached the playoffs all but two seasons in UBA history, with no rings to show for it. Losing Watkins and Tony Garcia will be hard shoes for rookie Carpenter to fill, but top prospect SS Seager is getting close as well. Going with a 6-man rotation out of the gate, with rumors swirling about Wainwright's durability. But look for the Sea Dogs to hound their way back into a playoff spot for another year.B-
Yellowknife TargaryensRP Rocky Cherry, C Craig Ansman, RP Kameron Loe, CF Carlos Valadez, SP Ryan Ketchner, 2B Skip Schumaker, RP Brad HalseyC AJ Pierzynski, 3B Russell Branyan, SP Jason Jennings, 3B Andy GreenYellowknife entered the offseason knowing they didn't have the funds to pay big upcoming free agents Ketchner and Valadez, but left analysts scratching their heads when they opted not make the qualifying offer to Valadez either. There are still a lot of quality players on this roster, but the Targaryens will likely backpedal from their 94 win, 3rd place finish in 2009.C-
Atlanta BanditsRP Brad Clontz, SS Joe Inglett, LF Carlos Beltran, CF Andruw Jones, 2B Orlando Perez, 1B Ryan Howard, 3B Cristhian Presichi, 2B JJ Furmaniak, 2B Rickie Weeks, SP Glenn Woolard, CF Ben JohnsonLF Cody Ross, RF Laynce Nix, 2B Ronnie Belliard, CF Grady Sizemore, SP Brandon Webb, RF Sergio Gastelum, 3B Scott Rolen, LF Ryan ChurchThe Bandits threw caution to the wind this offseason by giving up their first and second round selections for a reliable Brandon Webb and low OBP, aging captain in Belliard. They also acquired established Sizemore to man center (giving up the 19th ranked prospect in return). The fans are hyped in Atlanta, but pundits wonder if the timing was a bit premature, as NYC is still the clear cut favorite. But, respect to a team who reached .500 in their 3rd season since expansion, looking to build momentum towards a stretch of many playoff runs.B+
Charleston Rebels2B Luis Castillo, RP Cipriano Sepulveda, C Carlos Ruiz, SP Antonio Gonzalez, RP Scott RandallSP Vicente Padilla, SS Mike Aviles, 1B Adrian Gonzalez, 1B Juan Negrete, SP Barry Zito, SP Jose Ramirez, SP Jeff FrancisThe Rebels made calculated additions to supplement their superstars Hammels, King Felix and Loronha with Gonzalez, Francis, and Padilla. If health is on their side, Charleston could make a push for the wild card in 2010 despite only winning 78 games in 2009.B+
Coney Island WhitefishSP Kevin Correia, RP Raul Valdes, RP Juan Sepulveda, 2B Ronnie Belliard, RP Luke Gregerson, CF Grady Sizemore, SP Jeff NiemannCL JJ Putz, 2B Joe DillonThe Whitefish lack star-power but have a well balanced attack on both sides of the ball. Dillon helps replace Belliard, and Putz is a marquee closer. They will still need a bit of luck to take down their cross-town rivals in 2010. B
New York City Baseball ClubSP Aaron Harang, RF Andres Rodriguez, RP Enrique Gonzalez, 3B Matt Krimmel3B Jamie Romak, RF Andres RodriguezTaking a back seat from headlines this offseason, the Baseball Club accomplished what they set out for - resigning Rodriguez. The lineup is star-studded and their rotation is good top to bottom, if there's a weakness it's behind Smith in the pen. Management will figure that out as the season progresses. Look for another 100 win season out of this squad.B+
Washington GeneralsSP Shawn Nottingham, LF Henri Stanley, 2B Freddy Sandoval, RF Jason Pridie, SP Graig Stammen, SP James Tiller, RP Jimmy Barthmaier, SP Chad Blasko, RP Josh Hill, RP Fernando Nieve, LF Victor Diaz, RP Adalberto Mendez, RP Horacio Ramirez, RP Francisco Cordero, RP Kenneth Trapp, RP Steve Woodard, RP Tyler Walker, 3B Jamie RomakRP Josh Kinney, 3B Matt Krimmel, RF Alex Ochoa, SP Felix CuevasImmediately upon entering, new management moved the Titans out of the coastal New Jersey town into the nation's capital, in hopes a little presidential luck might rub off. The Generals lack any sort of impact talent save possibly their catcher Davis, and look to quickly rebuild this house from the foundation up.B-
Dallas DaredevilsRF Ryan Church, SP Tony Saunders, C Johnny Monell, RP Brandon Medders, RF Jason Perry, SP Rafael Martinez, RP Dirk Hayhurst, RP Max Scherzer, SP Mario Ortiz, RF Bubba Bell, SS Travis Metcalf, 1B Alfonso SorianoCF Corey Sullivan, RF Chris Denorfia, RP Brandon Medders, SP Daisuke Matsuzaka, RP Chuck James, SP Yuki TakahashiThe Daredevils solidified their rotation this offseason with a couple of Japanese studs which will help keep them in many more games this year. Look for possibly 10 to 15 more wins than their 67 from last season.B+
Eden Prairie Landsharks2B Andy Green, 3B Antonio Ramos, SP Johan Santana, RP Noah LowrySP Kevin Correia, SP Jorge RiveraSuper-human Morillo posted a silly 15.5 WAR in 2009, as a shift from 2B to 1B allowed him to leave his fielding shortcomings behind and focus on putting up some of the best hitting numbers of his generation. Eden Prairie will win close to 100 games again this season, as an incredibly strong bullpen will overshadow their shallow rotation.B
Fargo RageSP Raul Morales, RF Chris DenorfiaSP Raul Morales, CF Chone Figgins, RF Matt Holliday, 2B Brian Roberts, C AJ EllisJust having Liriano atop your rotation is good for another .500 season. However, their lineup leaves a lot to be desired, so the front office will need to be on the phone a lot come deadline if they want to make a serious push in 2010.B
Toledo TroutheadsSP Jonathan Sanchez, RP Boof BonserSP Antonio Gonzalez, SP Chadd Blasko, 2B Alfonso Soriano, 2B Jamey Carroll, CF Andruw JonesThe Troutheads took a half step back in 2009 with a respectable 86 wins. Moving Ketchner mid-season helped them recoup some talent as they knew he couldn't be resigned. The offseason saw some role players join but they're a little light in the pitching staff to make a serious playoff push this season.B-
Hollywood Stars1B Russell Branyan, SP Daisuke Matsuzaka, RF Manny Ramirez, C Bob Henley, 1B Ian Stewart, RP Josh KinneyC Carlos Ruiz, RP Joaquin Benoit, RP Mike Gonzalez, RF Carlos QuentinThe Stars have steadily improved over the last few years, while simultaneously winning the division, and are now ready to go toe to toe with the NYC's and the Eden Prairie's of the Ruth Conference. Lineup, bullpen, and rotation are all quite strong, and moves made this offseason added depth in order to outlast any unforeseen injuries. 100 wins and a trip to the WCS wouldn't be surprising for this year's Stars of Hollywood.B
Oregon DucksRF Jose Guillen, RF Shelley Duncan, SS Jamey Carroll, SP Jeff Francis, 1B Adrian Gonzalez, RF Sergio Gastelum, C Miguel MonteroNoneThe Ducks are starting to see their strong farm hands make the final step, but even with bats like Posey and Martinez and arms like Anderson, Richard and Carrasco, they still have too many gaping holes that need filling before their rebuilding efforts are complete. The should stay under 100 loses in 2010 but not much better.C-
Phoenix FirebirdsRF Laynce Nix, RP Joel Pineiro, C AJ EllisC Miguel MonteroPhoenix made it to 80 wins in 2009, and are poised to eclipse the 500 mark in 2010 as Goldy, Cutch, Butler and company will outslug many opponents, and an improved pitching staff is rating out league average or better. This won't be their year yet, but they could surprise for a wild card spot.C+
San Francisco SpartansRP JJ Putz, SP Bronson Arroyo, SP Ismael Valdez, SP Wandy Rodriguez, 1B Cliff Floyd, RP Chris Bootcheck, CF Corey Sullivan, 1B Richie Sexson, C Brandon Harper, RF Matt Holliday, CF Vernon Wells, SS Adrian Rivera, SP Vincente Padilla2B Rickie Weeks, C Gerald Laird, 3B Wilson Betemit, SP Wandy Rodriguez, 1B Makoto Shimizu, RP Dusty Hughes, SP Miguel Gomez, SP Jonathan Sanchez, LF Vladimir Guerrero, SP Jeff Niemann, RP Kameron LoeThe Spartans are a bit of a revolving door of mediocre talent while their top draft picks develop. Auditions have started to make their way to Salesforce field, as Eaton, Lavarnway, Nunez and Gomez will all get ample early season playing time. Look for a minor improvement over last year's 104 losses. B-
Seattle SteelheadsSP Jose Ramirez, RP Zach McClellanNoneThe Steelheads were robbed of a playoff birth, winning 96 games but were the odd man out in 2009. Seattle responded with a silent offseason, frustrating many fans. With many teams around them improving, they will likely not reach the 96 win plateau of last year in 2010.C-

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